FaithTech zielt auf Selbstmordprävention

Our friends at FaithTech, were the source for Indigitous #Hack Waterloo have, in the news lately for some of the cool things they do in Canada. FaithTech is a Canadian motion that the “bridge between faith and technology” is dedicated to.

Was FaithTech recently in The Record, Waterloo’s largest newspaper, in an article entitled ” Stop Suicide with faith, Training and Tech. The article talks about the” A Survivor Story project – the most innovative winner in Indigitous #Hack – and his attempts reducing suicide by providing valuable resources for those who are looking for ways to kill themselves:

If you Google how to kill themselves, the top websites offer advice on how to do it. “That’s terrible,” said FaithTech founder James Kelly. But what if suicide prevention could be made to show how the top search results?

 “We want to build sites to help people who are in these very difficult situations,” he said.

The team that worked on a Survivor Story at Indigitous #Hack is still hard at work on the site. They are currently looking for a dedicated website designer and SEO expert. If you would like to help, please contact James Kelly.
A few days earlier published the Canadian Newspaper Christian Courier an article by Derek Shuurman entitled ” Faith and tech harvester in Waterloo ” which describes his experiences in the FaithTech Conversation Night and how he has learned that technology is in the foreground field. Shuurman is a man of technology, faith and our vocation is understood to use our talents for God in the digital space.

During my visit, I visited a large technology incubator in an old tannery building, built as a home for a number of high-tech startups. I was impressed by the creative energy that is indicative of the fact and was encouraged that God also worked here. I was pleased to discover a former student of Redeemer, who is now in Technikinkubator worked. Waterloo is home to one of the most dynamic tech hubs in the world, with the second highest start-up density in the world. Just like Daniel in Babylon God Christ has provided in this cultural center.

2016 was an exciting year for Indigitous and for faith, innovation and technology in general. We are excited to see groups like FaithTech bring exposure to the way people like you with your talents for God to solve some of the world’s biggest problems. As Shuurman said: “It’s exciting to see God in the high tech centers of our world, to change the hearts and move Christians to share the Gospel not only by words but also by the efforts of responsible technology to develop.”

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